About Us

Why Saturday Night?

There is nothing spiritually superior to meeting on Sunday morning vs. Saturday evening... or vice-versa. What is critical is that we come together to meet as a body of believers, with consistency, regularity, and with hearts ready to hear from the Lord God.

Meeting on Saturday night has given us the opportunity to share a building with a local church, and direct more of our budget towards outreach and other community based ministry. Also with a different time we are able to meet the needs of those who may have to work Sundays.

Are you tired of rushing through a weekend morning trying to get kids ready? Saturday evenings are great for families! And if you are one who likes to sleep in Sunday morning than our evening service is a great fit for you also.

We'll admit, it took us about 3 weeks to fully wrap our minds around church on Sat evening... But now we love it, and would love to have you join us and see just how refreshing this new time of Worship is!

House Church
We are passionate about growing closer to God. We have small groups that meet during the week, we call "house church".
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